How to Make a Custom Closet Suit Your Sense of Style

Over the years, you might have developed a personal style when it comes to choosing furnishings and decorative items. In addition, you have your own style for picking out clothing and putting together outfits. While you might not consider a custom closet system to be a particularly stylish home upgrade, there are ways that it can suit your sense of style in both home decor and the types of clothing that you wear. If you are considering having custom closets installed in your Phoenix-area home, Your L&B Closets professional will help you decide exactly what you want and need in a closet. Read on to learn about how you can design and maintain your closet to reflect your preferences when it comes to appearance and function.

Custom Walk In Closet System

Choose Your Closet’s Finishes and Panels Carefully

During your free in-home consultation, your closet designer will work with you to choose the perfect combination of panels and finishes. First, you will want to choose the color that you like. We have a wide variety of finishes, from White to oak-like Secret to a modern gray Concrete to a dark brown called Chocolate Pear and an almost-black Licorice, plus options in between. Think about your preferences: Do you prefer a traditional, classic look or something more modern? What color is the wood in your home now? Think about the color of the carpeting or flooring in the room where the closet will be. All of these are considerations that will help you decide what would look best in your new closet.

The panel types are another consideration. We carry modern flat panels, softly beveled edges, a classic raised panel design, a Shaker-style panel, and more to choose from. The panels all have different looks and can be used to fit in with your current furnishings. 

Add Small Touches to Your Custom Closet as You Go

Once your custom closet is installed, you can certainly continue to add to the space’s appeal over time. If you have an island installed in the master bedroom walk-in closet, you might choose to place a piece like a sculpture, a stack of antique books, or a vase of flowers, depending on your style. If you have extra room on the shelves, you can also add art pieces or items of interest to that. 

Consider putting in a throw rug on the floor on top of your existing flooring. This can add a soft spot to stand as well as some visual appeal. You can also hang art on the walls or change out the lighting for more of your style on display. Would a chandelier, a couple of standing lamps, or some recessed lighting reflect your personality? Maybe you’d enjoy a Tiffany-inspired lamp hanging from the ceiling. Maybe a dimmer switch would allow you to ease more gently into the day. Think about what you like and how you can incorporate that into your closet.

Custom Dark Wood Walk In Closet System

Keep Your Custom Closet Well-Maintained

Any style can be made better by keeping the closet clean and well-maintained. Impeccable Closets in North Carolina published an article called, “How Do You Care for a Custom Closet?” Try some of their tips for making the closet and your clothing last longer and look better:

  • Wipe down the closet components regularly to remove dust and keep them looking new. L&B closets, like theirs, are easy to care for and can be wiped with a damp rag.
  • Come up with a system and stick to it. This will help you keep the space organized and can avoid clutter being placed in the wrong spot.
  • Don’t overstuff your closet and be gentle with your clothing. A closet with a bit of extra space allows clothing to breathe and it looks better than a closet that is packed to the gills.
  • Use the features you purchased! It doesn’t make sense to leave the shoe rack empty while piling up shoes on the floor, for example.

Experiment With Your Other Senses

Remember that personal style is not only about the visual, though that plays a big part in it. Think about your other senses and how your closet can appeal to them. This is a great tip to apply to your entire home, not only your closet! 

For the sense of smell, consider adding sachets or a candle to the closet. Of course, you should never leave a candle burning unattended in a closet; that is a recipe for disaster! Instead, place an unwrapped scented candle in the closet without burning it or light one for just a few minutes while you are physically in the space.

Walk In Custom Closet System

The sense of touch will be satisfied by the smooth edges of your closet components along with the softness of your clothing. Think about other textures, too. The inside lining of your jewelry tray will be soft and smooth. If you have scarves, hang them so they billow out, creating extra softness. You might decide to arrange your shoes in a way that puts like textures together. Experiment!

If you enjoy listening to music while getting ready for the day or winding down in the evening, consider putting a speaker in the closet so you can stream your preferred music. Maybe you have an old CD player sitting around that you never use; the closet might be the perfect place to store it and put it (and your CDs) to use. 

While many people would not like to indulge their sense of taste in the closet, if you have an island, a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you like to drink in the morning can ease you into the day before you leave your bedroom. Or maybe you would like to keep a little stash of emergency chocolate in a hidden drawer... we won’t tell!

You can integrate your sense of style into your custom closets by following a few of these ideas. Your L&B Closets designer is a resource when it comes to designing your stylish closet for any room of your home. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home appointment to discuss custom closets in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.

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