How a Custom Kitchen Pantry and Laundry Room Can Help You Get Organized

You might be aware of the benefits of custom closet organization, but you might not have thought about extending this into other areas of your home. However, custom closet companies can also often help with things like organizing your kitchen pantry or your laundry room. If you’re wondering why you should switch up these areas of your home, think about the many ways that doing so can help you get more organized this year. These are just some of the perks of installing custom components in these areas of your home.

Make Grocery Shopping Easier

Grocery shopping can be a big hassle, but you can make the entire process a whole lot easier with kitchen pantry organization. For one thing, it’s always a good idea to check for the ingredients that you have on hand before you make your shopping list. This should be an easy thing to do, but if your kitchen pantry is a mess, it can be difficult to keep track of what you already have on hand. You might never know if you have the ingredients that you need for preparing recipes for the week, and you could have expired items tucked deep in your kitchen pantry without even knowing it.

By installing more shelves in your kitchen pantry, you can arrange ingredients so that they are easier to see. You don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting about ingredients, so you can find out what you have on hand with a quick glance. Soon, you may find that you can make your grocery list a whole lot more quickly and easily, and you won’t have to worry about wasting money on unnecessary duplicate items, either. 

Making your grocery list isn’t the only process you can simplify from investing in custom kitchen pantry organization. Once you have the right shelves and other custom kitchen pantry components in place, it’ll be a breeze for you to put items away after a big grocery trip. Then, you can make sure that everything is neatly organized and properly put away, even after going on a big stock-up shopping trip.

Custom Kitchen Pantry System

Streamline the Process of Doing Laundry

If doing laundry is the chore that you dread the most, it’s time to do what you can to make it easier. After all, no matter how much you might dislike doing laundry, it’s probably not something you’ll be able to stop doing anytime soon.

With the right organization system, you can streamline and improve the process of doing laundry. You won’t have to dig around for a stain stick when you need it, and you’ll have a dedicated space for treating, folding and hanging up laundry. Although you might never actually enjoy doing laundry, you may find that you won’t mind it as much when you have a better workspace. Plus, you should be able to get it done a whole lot more quickly.

Make Your Laundry Room Look Better

Although the laundry room probably isn’t your favorite part of the home, you probably still want it to look nice. Unfortunately, your laundry room might not look very nice on an average day, since you might have laundry supplies scattered around the room, and you might have hampers piled high with clothing. A nice-looking laundry room will make laundry chores more pleasant, and you’ll be less embarrassed if a wayward guest wanders into the room unexpectedly.

With the right organizational components and a simple system that is easy to stick to, you can make sure that your laundry room always looks its best. Shelves and cabinets make it easy to stash laundry detergent, fabric softener and other essentials. Hanging rods provide you with a place for hanging up clothing when it comes out of the dryer; this makes for a neater and tidier laundry room, and it helps you prevent clothing from getting wrinkled, too. Having a few laundry hampers set up in the right places allows you to prevent piles of dirty laundry from making your laundry room look like a huge mess.

Custom Laundry Room Storage System

Keep Your Kitchen Looking Great

You and your family members might spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Plus, when you’re entertaining friends and family members, you might find that everyone naturally gathers in the kitchen area. If your kitchen is a mess, you might find that you’re embarrassed to invite your family members or friends to hang out with you while you’re cooking, or you might just dread spending time in this area of your home.

Once your kitchen pantry is neatly organized, though, you can keep your kitchen looking great. The right organization components make it easy for you to tuck ingredients, small appliances and other items neatly out of sight. This helps you keep your counters neat and clean and your kitchen looking great. Soon, you might not mind spending time in your kitchen or showing it off to your friends and family members.

Make Cooking and Serving Meals Much Easier

Cooking can be a lot of fun, but it can be a big hassle if your kitchen is a mess. If you have to dig around in your cabinets and pantry to look for ingredients or if you can’t easily put your hands on your measuring cups when you need them, it can turn preparing a simple meal into a big ordeal. With a few simple improvements, though, it’ll always be a breeze for you to grab what you need when you’re cooking, whether you’re throwing together a simple weeknight meal or if you are preparing a big holiday dinner.

If this is the year when you want to get organized, our custom closet organizers can help. Contact us at L&B Closets to schedule your free in-home consultation. Then, we will send one of our professional closet organizers to your home to help you come up with great designs for your laundry room and kitchen pantry. After our professional installers put in your kitchen pantry and laundry room organizational components, you and your family can enjoy the perks above and more.

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